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Protalus M75 Full-Length Orthotic Insoles. The Protalus M75 Orthotic Insoles are 3/4-length and feature a semi-rigid orthotic arch support. They provide maximum alignment of the ankle joint offering the greatest degree of arch support. Protalus ET75 3/4-Length Orthotic Insoles The Protalus ET75 Orthotic Insoles are 3/4-length, extra thin insole that features a semi-rigid orthotic arch support. They provides maximum alignment of the.

Furthermore, Protalus’ insoles go beyond your average arch support. Each product is designed to align your ankle in an optimal position, allowing them to perform their functions without hindrance. Finally, each insole is fashioned from revolutionary materials, which provides impact reduction, superior alignment, and moisture-wicking. Support. They offer gel protection under your heel to cradle it and provide support across the whole width of your arch. The arch support is not super hard, which may feel more comfortable for many users compared to plantar fasciitis insoles with really rigid arch support. Shock Absorption. And, for this price, I expect better arch support along with more scientific research to back the insole’s claims. “The Science” page is just a bunch of fancy wording with no mention of the clinical studies or any real science behind the insole. I’m going to rate Protalus an 88% out of 100%. Protalus H75 High Heel Orthotic Insoles. The Protalus H75 Orthotic Insoles are 3/4-length and feature an extra thin, semi-rigid orthotic arch support. They are designed for high heeled shoes with heels 2.5 inches and higher. The H75 will help to redistribute the weight on your foot while reducing pressure with a curved, conforming footbed. Protalus Insoles do offer cushion support like the competitors, but they also work to provide arch support and correct misalignment. Want to Try Them Risk Free? How about this; instead of spending more than $600.00 on a pair of custom orthotics, give the Protalus Insoles a go. And, to entice you a little bit, try them risk free.

Protalus M100 – Patented Insole to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Soreness and Knee Aches. Physix Gear Sport Full Length Orthotic Inserts with Arch Support - Best Shock Absorption & Cushioning Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis, Running, Flat Feet, Heel Spurs & Foot Pain Choosing The Best Shoes For Arch Support. Arch supports are important additions to every shoe, but there are some shoes that provide much more support than others. Understanding shoe choices and how they will support the natural arches of the feet can. It's a good idea to consider arch support when purchasing a new pair of shoes, but sometimes you need a little extra cushioning, especially if you suffer from foot pain. To the rescue: orthotic insoles, which can be slipped into less-than-comfortable shoes for added support. Buy Protalus M100 - Patented Insole to Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Foot Soreness and Knee Aches. Inserts for Work Shoes which Provide Comfort, Support and Alignment. 90 Day Money-Back Guarantee. onFREE SHIPPING on qualified orders.

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